Special Hours

Sometimes local festivals or holidays result in a change to our opening hours:

April 2017

"Whether you're heading to the beach or coming back from a walk, we're open."

The shop currently operates the longest Summer opening hours in it’s history. We no longer shut for lunch and we’re open every afternoon, including Saturday. However, we all need to rest sometime and so the shop only opens on Sunday during peak holiday season.

We're not open quite as much during the Winter, but we are open until at least 1.30pm everyday.

Regardless of the time of year, the shop opens at 9am to the smell of freshly baked Cuisine de France bread and pastries. The perfect time to nip in for a croissant to go with breakfast. When open for a full day we close at 5.30PM allowing plenty of time to get all those tea time essentials. Half day closing in the Winter is 1.30PM.



Monday - Friday

31st March - 21st October

9am - 5.30pm


9am - 2pm


follow us @colonsayshop for occasional Sunday hours



Monday - Saturday

School holidays etc.

9am - 5.30pm


11.30am - 12.30pm

How will I know?

You'll be given a list of opening times when you disembark the ferry



Monday, Wednesay, Friday

From 22nd October

9am - 5.30pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

9am -1.30pm



Peak Hours

Peak hours will apply throughout April, including the duration of Colonsay Book Festival





Colonsay General Store


Isle of Colonsay


PA61 7YW

Tel: 01951 200265

E-mail: info@colonsayshop.net

Our cottage delivery service takes the stress out of travelling, allowing you to arrive to a kitchen full of fresh food from the shop.

The service runs year round and we aim to meet any special requests you may have.

The island has an excellent website full of information for any would-be visitor. It also details all of the available accommodation options.

The website is also the home of the island’s online newsletter, The Corncrake.

follow us @colonsayshop for occasional Sunday hours

That means 9am - 5.30pm on Saturdays and 11.30am - 12.30pm on Sundays