Who is the CTC?

Colonsay Trading Company are the trading arm of the local community trust, the CCDC.

The CTC oversee the sale of petrol, diesel, bottled gas, coal and anthracite,via the shop and the Servicepoint.

The CCDC oversee a number of key projects, including housing, recycling & the island's website.

The shop operates the petrol and diesel pumps on behalf of Colonsay Trading Company. CTC is a community run operation overseeing the supply of petrol, DERV, coal and gas on the island.

The self service pumps are open whenever the shop is open. The community benefits from the 5p Rural Fuel Duty Relief, however the high cost of freight means prices are usually amongst the highest in the UK.

The CTC are currently unable to accept payment by card, so make sure you have cash or your cheque book to hand before you fill up.

And whenever you do brim the tank you’ll be helping the community with a whole bunch of worthwhile initiatives.

The Cost At The Pumps




"Come rain or shine, the community makes sure the fuel is always flowing."








Colonsay General Store


Isle of Colonsay


PA61 7YW

Tel: 01951 200265

E-mail: info@colonsayshop.net

Our cottage delivery service takes the stress out of travelling, allowing you to arrive to a kitchen full of fresh food from the shop.

The service runs year round and we aim to meet any special requests you may have.

The island has an excellent website full of information for any would-be visitor. It also details all of the available accommodation options.

The website is also the home of the island’s online newsletter, The Corncrake.